Parts Specials

Ask about our “Spring Shower’s Promo”.

Treat yourself and your car to a clearer picture when driving down the road.
What you get is new front wiper blades and an Aquapel treatment for only $59.95
This applies to almost all vehicles out there. There are some exceptions. Call for details.
Call to make an appointment.

Click on this link for a realistic video of what you can expect from Aquapel.

If you are a do it yourself type of person you can buy some Aquapel and apply it yourself.
Watch the video below for instructions and results. Just click on the link below.
Our part # is 98994. See our parts person for the product priced at only $15.95.

If you are not a believer in winter tires and how much difference they can make in your ability to stay in contact with the icy roads.
Watch the video below for results of the different compounds that tire are made of. “

“Please contact our parts department or ask our service advisor to get you a quote on Winter tires for your next winter driving experience”

With the purchasing power of KIA Canada we can compete with National pricing From Kia Canada.

Our special offer with the purchase of winter rims and winter tires is a FREE Nitrogen filling.


See this video about the value of Nitrogen  “